Twenty five years of U.S Customs brokerage expertise, at your disposal. Our comprehensive services eliminate logistics guess work.

Consultation (Pre-Flight Check)

Pre-Flight Check is a comprehensive series of consultations tailored to strategically analyze new or existing business cases, or educate customers with information and knowledge relating to the embarkation and debarkation process of goods imported and exported  to and from the U.S.

Over the years, we have cleared goods for companies including JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines, Ferrari (Cars), Mercedes Benz USA (Cars), British Food Imports (food), Goya (food), Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL), Papa Roach (Music Band), and many more.

Hourly phone consultations are $120 per hour (first 15 minutes are free). An initial in-person consultation (30 minutes) is free.

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India Project

In this project, Global Trade Consultants diligently work with established companies in India, in an effort to help expand their business operations on U.S territory. Eligibility into this program requires the following from Indian companies:

  1. Must be a manufacturer of products for 5 to 10 years (No Traders)
  2. Must have experience selling made products to Western Countries
  3. Must understand high quality standards required for the U.S market
  4. Must be looking to establish permanent presence in the U.S market
  5. Must be fluent in English and prepared to work with our team in India

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In an effort to enable thriving small or home based businesses in need of premium importation or exportation services, we explore mutually beneficial opportunities where we can be of assistance at lower rates, in exchange for a stake in the startup business or transaction. 

As partners, we offer:

  1. Logistics expertise, business intelligence, planning and strategy.
  2. Access to distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers worldwide.

Current partnership projects:

  • Partnering with an Indian hair distributor assisting with quality control, logistics, and marketing.
  • Partnering with a distributor of hair care products from Monaco. 

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